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Introduction - Overview Rotordynamic Conferences

One of the main objectives of the Technical Committee Rotordynamics is to support the research work in this important field of Mechanical Engineering. This can be achieved by an exchange of knowledge and experience in the international community of Rotordynamics and by presenting new results from research at international conferences or in international journals.

International conferences offer the advantage that new research results and practical experiences in the field of Rotordynamics can directly be presented and discussed between scientists from Universities and/or research institutions and mechanical engineers from industry. This is a very effective way of direct knowledge transfer between Universities and practical engineering.

The best known international conferences in Rotordynamics are the IFToMM conference “Rotordynamics” and the IMechE-Conference “Vibrations in Rotating Machinery”. Both conferences are held every 4 years with a two year time shift between them. The IFToMM Rotordynamics conference started in Rome (1982), followed by conferences in Tokyo (1986), Lyon (1990), Chicago (1994), Darmstadt (1998), Sydney (2002) and Vienna (2006).

The corresponding IMechE-conferences all took place in United Kingdom in the years 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 (Swansea) and 2008 (Exeter). Conference proceedings are available for all of these conferences.

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